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How It Works

All glasses are $36 including tax and shipping.


1 | Choose Your Glasses Color

There are nine colors available for heart sunglasses. Dark lenses come in four frame colors: red, white, black, and hot pink. Glitter frames have colored lenses and come in five colors: pink, purple, yellow, blue, and red.

2 | Choose Your Letter Beads

You can choose a maximum number of 8 letter beads (white beads with black lettering), and may have a combination of letters, numbers, and Greek characters.

3 | Choose Your Embellishments

All glasses come with flowers by default, but you can add a bow or butterfly as well! Make sure you specify the colors of your embellishments, including rhinestones and pearls. You can also enter in "Designer's Choice" to have me make you something unique, just for you!

I offer free shipping on all orders within the United States (you can view my shipping policies here). If you would like to order outside of the US, please visit my Etsy (items are still customizable).

Glasses Colors

Hot Pink




Red Glitter

Yellow Glitter

Purple Glitter

Blue Glitter

Pink Glitter

...Are you ready for it?

Maximum 8 beads per side.

Please specify color(s).

If this is a gift, fill out the message you'd like me to include.

Thanks for submitting!

Use the form below to specify all details for your custom heart sunglasses. 

Orders will be shipped within 7 business days, and you will receive shipping information once it becomes available.

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